Why offering web accessibility is good business for agencies

Agencies of all sizes have a lot on their plate. From keeping clients happy and implementing air-tight performance marketing tactics, to crisis management and helping clients build long-lasting business relationships with consumers, you’re committed to the activities that impact your agency’s success.

But there’s one opportunity that many agencies let mistakenly fall through the cracks, even as thousands of others embrace it today: web accessibility. Including web accessibility as part of your service offerings is the right thing to do for people with disabilities, but it also holds immense business value that generates powerful results for you and your clients, and in more ways than one.

Web accessibility is not just a legal requirement that you must adhere to. While they do mitigate legal risk, accessible websites more notably enhance important agency practices such as performance marketing, even as you and your clients proactively promote an inclusive atmosphere on the web.


Simply put, web accessibility is not just an obligation that needs to be fulfilled; it’s an opportunity with many benefits.

Why web accessibility is a prime opportunity
Web accessibility can directly impact sound business decisions and agency practices for the better. The first step is understanding the tremendous market need that web accessibility efforts are modeled after.

Consider the untapped market. About 25% of the U.S population lives with a disability and currently encounters barriers when attempting to browse or perform actions on your clients’ websites. Clearly, this is not a niche sector of the population, but instead, a huge portion that participates within the digital sphere and contributes to the potential growth of your agency and your clients’ businesses, and we’re talking buying power of $1.2 trillion.

Next, we need to be aware of the market’s needs. People with disabilities are loyal consumers who deserve a fair opportunity to access the products and services your clients want to share with them. Therefore, as an agency that services and guides client business activities, it’s a strategic, solid business decision for you to produce accessible websites and optimized user experiences that make the customer journey easier to comprehend and navigate from start to completion.

Thanks to advanced technology (and companies like accessiBe), it’s now easier than ever to add web accessibility to your service offerings.

The many benefits of embracing web accessibility
As a worthy business opportunity, web accessibility allows you to reach an untapped market and be inclusive of their needs. As you pioneer positive change, consider these many practical benefits as well. When you offer web accessibility for your clients, you can:

1. Lift revenue streams. By tapping into the spending power of communities with disabilities, you and your clients take one opportunity and offer it as another. For your clients you’re opening them to new revenue channels; for people with disabilities, you’re creating additional buying opportunities.

The added influx of transactions that your clients are likely to see on their websites is something neither of you wants to pass up, especially when it comes time to consider monetary KPIs or targets at the end of the quarter.

2. Enhance the user experience. The user experience is directly correlated with conversion and click-through rates. The smoother and more seamless the UX is for everyone on your clients’ websites, the more likely they are to convert and come back again for other products and services.

An enhanced, truly accessible user experience is tailor-made to the specific needs of a person with a disability, who can then independently operate and trust your website long-term with their business. It makes web accessibility a no-brainer, right?

3. Optimize performance marketing. Web accessibility is crucial to your agency’s activities in that it optimizes performance-marketing efforts like campaign reach and SEO ranking. At the same time, it prolongs dwell time, reduces bounce rates, and lifts engagement.

Your clients’ websites will benefit from these enriched practices as will their businesses, and their satisfaction with you as their agency will grow. In today’s business landscape, an opportunity to improve performance scores should be considered quite valuable, to say the least!

4. Improve brand reputation. Accessible websites generate positive reviews online and by word of mouth while amplifying customer loyalty and retention rates. Web accessibility presents your agency and your clients with the opportunity to help brand and promote one another as being inclusive, boosting your mutual reputations, and helping both stand out among the competition.

5. Complete your tech stack. Providing web accessibility solutions or services to your clients is key to being a full-service agency. And that’s why rounding off your tech stack offerings with a solution like accessiBe’s accessWidget is essential; your clients will have access to a tool that does the heavy lifting for them when it comes to maintenance, and it’s easy to install, saving valuable time and money that were once allocated toward external accessibility resources.

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it, that web accessibility is a good, smart opportunity that offers amazing business benefits for your agency and your clients while contributing to a new, inclusive web for all? It optimizes performance strategies, forms strong relationships with potential consumers, lifts revenue, and helps produce a user experience that is navigable for the whole population.

The opportunity that is web accessibility will prove itself not only through its benefits but also by the increased audience satisfaction your agency and clients will experience by doing the right thing.

Why not jump at the rewarding opportunity to include web accessibility as part of your service offerings? Learn more about accessiBe’s partnership program today by booking a demo where you can claim your free agency license.

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Why offering web accessibility is good business for agencies


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