Ventura City Council candidates talk homelessness, jobs, building heights

(From top left) Ventura City Council candidates include Alyona Brady, Liz Campos, Marco Cuevas, and Helen Eloyan District 1, Jim Rundle and Jeannette Sanchez-Palacios from District 4, Bill McReynolds and Marie Lakin from District 5, and Lorrie Brown, Danny Carrillo, Jim Duran and Steph Karba from District 6.

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Twelve candidates are running for four seats in the Ventura City Council election. 

Candidates will face off in Districts 1, 4, 5 and 6 for the Nov. 8 election.


Alyona Brody, Liz Campos, Marco Cuevas and Helen Eloyan are candidates in District 1. Incumbent Sofia Rubalcava is not running. 

Candidate Jim Rundle and incumbent Jeannette Sanchez-Palacios will face off in District 4. 

Marie Lakin and Bill McReynolds will compete in District 5. Incumbent Jim Friedman is not running.

For for District 6, incumbent Lorrie Brown faces Jim Duran, Danny Carrillo and Steph Karba.

The Star asked each candidate questions inspired by public feedback. Below are their responses, which have been edited for clarity and space.

District 1

Alyona Brody

Age: 25

Occupation: Administrative assistant 

Education: Associate’s degrees in political science, administration of justice and general studies; enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program 

Ventura City Council District 1 candidate Alyona Brody

What three ideas do you have to address housing affordability and homelessness?

Homelessness is a California issue and policies that have been brought down from the state have only increased this problem. As a city, we can only hope to aid in private enterprises that would apply aggressive tactics to find solutions that do not only depend on charity and food pantries. What we need is actual work for food and housing programs to be developed — basically, something that can benefit the homeless emotionally and physically, providing them with basics such as food and overnight shelter is not enough. We must invest in programs that provide them with dignity and a chance to work as we have seen other cities do across this nation.

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Ventura City Council candidates talk homelessness, jobs, building heights


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