Turn-Based Strategy Moonbreaker has Released from Early Access

Turn-based strategy, Moonbreaker has gotten to early access.

Unknown Worlds is a video game developer that has released a popular indie game such as Subnautica: Under Zero and Natural Selection. Krafton Inc. works with a variety of studios to produce quality games. The company announced that Moonbreaker, a turn-based strategy game, has been released early. It’s free on PC with Steam at a price of 209.99 USD. The Deluxe Edition, the Founders Pack, costs five dollars.

In this game, players will become accustomed to a specific tactics game, created by Brandon Sanderson, a fantasy-based writer. Players are able to move their unit’s movements into combat and compete against the players in both online and offline modes. Players can also develop their skills across different games, and customize their army to their liking by changing colors, finishes and much more. The developer gave fans a glimpse of the game story and the games release trailer the early way. In this unique world, there are endless possibilities, players in many ways can lead their team to victory.

Early Access became an important topic in the game industry. However, over the last few years, many developers used to be valuable and they produced quality games for the first time. Fans can keep hope that the team behind Moonbreaker uses the service as a proper purpose before release.


What are your thoughts on the Moonbreaker? Would you like to reopen this release into early access? Do you like the early access games? What aspect of this game are you very interested in most? What do you think of early access as a program?


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Turn-Based Strategy Moonbreaker has Released from Early Access


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