The series of heroes 3 strategy has been delayed to February 2023

Relic Entertainment announced that the ship of Company of Heroes 3 will be delayed for a few months. This may not soon be released on November 17, 2022. A new release date has also been known: February 23, 2023.

The long-awaited real-time strategy game has joined the list of a new generation of games, which have been pushed back from 2022 to 2023, year that promises to be busier than ever in terms of video game news, both exclusive and non-exclusive.

The reason is classic in that kind of situation.


Relic Entertainment needs more time to make a number of general improvements, focus on balancing, and fine-tune final details so that the game will meet the expectations of the public before coming to life and offer the most profound tactical experience the series has ever had. Thanks to the announcement of the Games in July 2021, Relic invited the players to play with the CoH-Development program, where all the games’ aspects were discussed with each other. Many of the valuable suggestions that were received were analyzed, executed and, in many cases, even implemented in the game. Some of the changes and improvements have just been announced today.

Relic improved the dynamic campaign map, updated the inventory system, modified the AI to be more advanced and faster as far as the seaports and airports became increasingly popular. The studio gave attention to the visual look and detail in battles, enhancing shaders and finishing the graphics. Relic has made many changes to CoH3 coverage.

Understanding player behavior during the pre-alpha phase of multiplayer in November 2021 helped the developers greatly improve battalions, level a tree, a unit, and the gathering capacities. In short, there was a lot of research related to the game, which gave the players more time for a game like Company of Heroes.

It’s been a truly valuable experience working with the CoH-Dev community for the past few years. It’s an honorable experience and we’re grateful for everything we have received to CoH3, said Justin Dowdeswell, executive director of Relic Entertainment. We want to create the biggest and most exciting game of the franchise history, and to do that, we need a little more time to fix bugs, focus on balance and to finalize the final details, so our players can have fun at launch.

Company of Heroes 3 is a PC exclusive.

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The series of heroes 3 strategy has been delayed to February 2023


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