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I like Dungeons & Dragons. I like the Civilization games. What if you put them in a blender and let it go? Well, you’d probably get something akin to John Reilly’s Crowns & Castles supplement for 5E. This takes 5E and makes some tweaks to have it run as a 4X strategy game. Instead of playing a single character, each player takes control of an empire including its military, economy, culture, and diplomacy. The DM helps weave the world’s narrative as you and other players enjoy playing in a variety of modes like co-op or PvP. Inside of Crowns & Castles you’ll find 27 races, 13 governments that serve as your class, 10 Founding backgrounds, 70 resources, over 500 military units and so much more! Reilly has even included an asynchronous game mode that lets you play the game one turn at a time so you don’t need to worry about scheduling sessions. This sounds nuts!

Crowns & Castles lets you play D&D as a 4x empire strategy game.

You’re no longer playing as a single character. In C&C you’re in control of an entire realm that you create from scratch, making decisions for its military, economy, culture, and diplomacy. That realm gains experience, levels up, and unlocks new abilities. And you’re going to do all this in a co-op, player-vs-player, or mixed environment with a DM who guides the world’s narrative and lets you attempt anything you can dream.

Choose a race, pick a government and founding backstory, construct buildings, discover natural resources, create powerful artifacts, research and cast continent-spanning spells, spy on your neighbors, sign treaties, trade valuable luxuries, make history, and wage war in a turn-based tactical combat system (check out the free demo “Battle at Shallow Mountain”).

C&C can be played at the table or asynchronously one turn at a time. No more worries about cancelling sessions due to schedules. You can use C&C as a setting for multiple simultaneous D&D games where the outcomes of one game affect everyone else in a shared, living world, or simply as an engine to create your own worlds. The system is setting-agnostic and easily reskinnable to your existing homebrews.

You can purchase Crowns & Castles now from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $20.

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Play DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Like a 4X Strategy Game with CROWNS & CASTLES — GeekTyrant


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