Plastics, Auto Financing Companies To Bring 1,400 Jobs To Pasco

PASCO COUNTY, FL — The Pasco Economic Development Council announced the relocation of two companies to Pasco County that will collectively bring more than 1,400 new jobs to the area.

Gary Plastic Packaging Corp., based in New York City, will be leasing 255,000 square feet of a 400,000-square-foot building in the new North Pasco Corporate Center currently under development by Harrod Properties. This is one of two buildings on the 72 acres off Softwind Lane in Spring Hill.

Gary Plastic is anticipated to bring approximately 555 total new jobs to the county over a three-year period, with approximately 184 jobs at 125 percent of the average county wage.


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The company is investing approximately $16,000,000 in leasehold improvements such as manufacturing equipment, furniture and other fixtures to create a modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Additionally, Harrod Properties is set to invest approximately $50,000,000 in the building, land and infrastructure.

“It is so nice to see an environmentally focused family business that employs hundreds of people choose Pasco County to call home,” said Bill Cronin, president and CEO of the Pasco EDC. ”We are thrilled to welcome Gary and to see them locate into another great speculative property. We are here to help them grow for years to come.”

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Gary Plastic is an environmentally focused company committed to providing customers with manufactured reusable products with an average content of 30 percent recycled plastic resins and continuing its research and development to incorporate bio-plant-based materials in their products.

The company has two product lines — promotional products and packaging. Its promotional products division manufactures, prints and assembles plastic products for the promotional industry. Its packaging division manufacturers stock rigid, reusable plastic containers primarily for the pharmaceutical, dental and electronics industries.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Pasco EDC,” said Richard Hellinger, president of Gary Plastic. “They were extremely helpful from the minute we connected. Given the Corporate Center’s location and its opportunity for efficient growth, Pasco County was a natural fit for Gary Plastic’s new manufacturing facility.”

The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners approved multiple incentives including ad valorem tax reimbursement, job creation incentives for 184 jobs totaling up to $552,000, a High-Impact Job Creation Bonus of up to $306,206, as well as discretionary training funds of $100,000 through the Penny for Pasco Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund. The Pasco EDC also assisted the company with expedited permitting.

“Gary Plastic locating to the west Pasco area is going to provide great opportunities for our workforce from manufacturing jobs and skilled mechanics to supervisor and management jobs,” said Pasco County Commissioner Jack Mariano.

In addition, Santander Consumer USA is setting up shop on State Road 54 near the Suncoast Parkway, creating 875 new jobs over the next five years with an average salary of $46,000 a year, exceeding 115 percent of the average wage in Pasco County.

Santander is investing about $12 million of the approximate $22 million in tenant improvements and business personal property to upgrade and convert the former Target store off State Road 54 near the Suncoast Parkway.

“I am thrilled to welcome Santander to Pasco County and am looking forward to all of the great jobs they are bringing,” said Starkey. “This is a huge economic development win and I am happy we are able to offer local incentives to assist in recruitment.”

Santander is a public, full-service, consumer finance company focused on vehicle finance and third-party servicing. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has additional locations in Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California. The company manages accounts for more than three million customers across all credit profiles.

“We are excited to expand our presence in Florida, a state with a favorable business environment where people are familiar with the Santander brand,” said Mahesh Aditya, Santander Consumer president and CEO. “The Tampa Bay area is rich in talent, particularly in the customer service sector, and we look forward to offering future employees a dynamic and progressive place to grow their careers.”

Santander plans to grow its financial services customer contact operations with the development of a modern and efficient site that can accommodate future expansion. Factors the company considered when choosing its new location relied heavily on a strong employment base, viability of the labor market, recruiting opportunities, cost of living and local incentives that can accommodate the large project.

“Santander is an excellent addition to the business and professional services industry in Pasco,” said Cronin. “Not only are they making a significant investment in the county, but they also plan to upfit and modernize a prominent building that has been empty for years.”

Pasco’s Office of Economic Growth and the Pasco Economic Development Council worked with the auto financing company on a tax and job-creation incentive deal to lure the company to Pasco County.

Pasco County
Santander Consumer USA will bring 875 new jobs to Pasco County.

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Plastics, Auto Financing Companies To Bring 1,400 Jobs To Pasco


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