Perfect Ten: 10 strategies to prevent avoiding recollection in pMOs F2P

My misjudged Uncle Trigger told me that nothing was entirely free. So you’ve got to pay that there air air. Pony up, boy!

While Uncle Trigger was unaware of some aspects of his philosophy, the point of view is important, especially in terms of free play-play products. Even though the word is free, it should be followed up with several paragraphs of tiny lawyer disclaimers that basically say, Regardless, the studio will look for alternatives to try to save you from your hard earned cash.

Even though there are no real free games and F2P’s shopping possibilities better than the Supercenter, a savvy customer is a greater astonished value. Everyone who walked into a F2P store probably had experienced buyers regret because of a sudden or uninformed purchase, but who were not rewarded for the ill-seller’s poor impulse control. So today I will go a hell beyond a practical course and give you 10 strategies to protect and strengthen your F2P shopping trips.


Calculate your time vs. money comfort zone.

We should not create a F2P neophyte and allow it to join the genre mentally unprepared. You could say that in the EMMO community the phenomenon of expectations being cruelly demeaned by cold reality – and this can happen with free-to-play if you have never experienced it before. You could expect free without knowing that content and features are totally ignored by you before you enter your wallet. The result was that a panicked gamer spending the most money at the beginning of the game.

My advice is that all MMO gamers should figure out how to save money by spending more money on a game and making the best money. You’re choosing the right balance between you and your favorite pair of shoes.

Look for ways to earn free cash.

Almost everyone has the same money that you earn with premiums, but there are the best. If you are planning to spend more time in the game to acquire this currency, you could become rewarded later on the road by spending money. I found that SSGs titles are generally great with this, although there are other types of avenues for money-conscious gamers to buy the goods.

You should not break for game points deals.

Since the way almost every playstore is established, players don’t purchase anything and the whole thing is only real money; instead they need to buy a variable rate premium currency. It can be a double-edged sword. While you have a patience to wait for them, you can save the money, as long as you find out what kind of deal you are getting if you can.

Basically, you never buy money with no money at all. The game hosts a sale that gives you bonuses or extra points. Some MMO holidays cause sales, but others can also go missing.

Do your homework.

Really, there is no reason to treat your online, in-game purchases differently than your real-life buys. So much more you get a stimulus of sales than we want to, and for those who can’t afford the goods that are hidden from us is the perfect recipe for frustration.

So before you hit the button buy now, you need to do your homework. Experienced players are willing to share the best and worst deals in the store. Ignore the games in which you try to get a certain item or service out of your face and find all the best choices. Look for screenshots and video games online to find out what these purchases are, and what they do. Trust me, I have swore more than once from impulse purchases that end up not being what advertised or what was in my head.

Separate the needs from the desires.

All purchases with F2P come into two categories, the ones you need, the ones you simply want, scaly, etc. Why not give me a pad and make your own list by two columns, dividing all of the pieces you adored, the ones that you really needed (such as quest packs, permanent character enhancements, inventory space), and the things that are just for fun or convenience sake (such as costume pieces and mounts)?

Prioritize purchases

Once you separated your needs from your desires, the next step is to organize the list according to priority (unless you are not rich enough to buy all of that in one fell swoop). In general, the greatest priority is given to items whose application is account-wide and permanent, and the lowest priority on items that are character-specific and temporary.

Try out packages and special events.

Taking the choice between putting money back in the pocket or leaving you with money which means you won’t spend less, a game studio will also go for the latter day of the week. That’s the reason we’ve been selling. A sales, trade unions, and trade unions are most popular, so a title can vary, sometimes quite a bit. Again, patience rewards an indulgenceful spender. If you keep out for good deals, chances are that the studio will toss one more time or a second.

In terms of the importance of being involved in a real life release, the subject of the important promotion is a person who must take this step. Perhaps a MMO is coming out with an expansion or a retail release box that aims at drawing newbies. There often offer great opportunities to enjoy play and games with great features and excellent products.

Set a budget for a game and stick with that.

Subscriptions are easy to buy because they’re so stabil and predictable. That’s all you need to do without a microtransaction. We need to decide before you get the chance to spend money in the games, and not over it, if you don’t have enough more disposable income. It’s financial discipline and this is necessary to protect you against splurging against irresistible buys that will give you angry days.

Give us the same weight of time if you spend $15 a game! If you play less (or more), use the budget accordingly.

Don’t buy her before you can use her.

There is one useful habit: not to buy anything better then to use it. Sure, the 400% speed mount looks sweet, but you’ll have to wait for 40 levels before you can use it.

You should not buy any of these items because you don’t know where you’re going to be going in your gaming career. You may not take the game from the time you will need to pay. You can either find something in-game, free or free that’s just as good.

Now, I will say this strategy has an exception, and that is if a very good deal comes along and you feel confident that this item will be put into use. She’s your ring in this scenario.

Don’t commit gambling scams.

Finally, it’s important that studios aren’t always on the edge with their cash-shops. Don’t throw money away on mysteries, lockboxes, lootboxes, and gamblers and money ruined by mystery enticing men. They would do this in real life without doing anything more serious than a Pokemon gift pack, so don’t try to do it in games.

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Perfect Ten: 10 strategies to prevent avoiding recollection in pMOs F2P


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