PARCLL Delivery Exceeds Goals in Its First Year of U.S. Operation

LOS ANGELES, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PARCLL, a leading global e-commerce logistics solutions provider, has successfully achieved and exceeded their goals in their very first year operating as both a cross-border and U.S. parcel delivery service provider.

“We’re right on track,” said Vincent D’Amato, Head of Sales at PARCLL. “We saw tremendous opportunity in the U.S. parcel business and have made great strides in establishing ourselves as a reliable and flexible parcel shipping partner for national retailers and e-commerce customers.” The company had set milestones for itself in five key areas:

  1. Shipping Platform Integration. With so many shipping transactions now taking place on popular shipping marketplaces, PARCLL managed to publish its rates and services on six major platforms, including ShipStation, EasyPost, DesktopShipper, and BUKU Post Office. More shipping platform partnerships are planned.
  2. Awareness. Thanks to platform integrations, participation in e-commerce events as well as the growth of its in-house sales and marketing teams, PARCLL is now a known and considered delivery solution by many shipping customers in the e-commerce, retail and 3PL space.
  3. Customer Success. PARCLL has successfully established a full-time customer success team to help its customers handle onboarding, open orders, returns and ongoing performance reporting for clients. Feedback through this team has been critical to better understanding customer needs, improving service and positioning PARCLL for future growth.
  4. Revenue. Although PARCLL does not disclose numbers, growth in domestic parcel delivery volume and customer base have grown significantly YTD in 2022, and shows no signs of slowing down through the second half of the year.  
  5. Locations and Infrastructure. PARCLL has added four major sortation and delivery hubs to its existing delivery network  — in Dallas, Miami, Atlanta and New Jersey. In addition, millions of dollars in sortation, scanning and other material handling equipment have been operationalized at these facilities.

“We’re already expanding our team,” said Cindy Hernandez, Head of Customer Success at PARCLL. “The great work we’re doing for our current customers is proof that our network is capable of accelerating large volumes of parcel deliveries across the country, and I couldn’t be more excited.”



PARCLL is a global e-commerce logistics solutions provider built to serve shippers who demand better service, more reliability and more pricing options for domestic and cross border lightweight parcels. Equipped with a dynamic IT-platform, PARCLL provides best-in-class delivery services to U.S. brands, online sellers, e-commerce fulfillment providers, and digital shipping platforms. Domestically, PARCLL provides B2C small package delivery services from its strategically located, large-scale sortation hubs in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami and New York / New Jersey. Internationally, PARCLL offers fully-tracked DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) solutions into Canada, UK, the European Union and many other markets via its own eCommerce facilities based in each region.

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PARCLL Delivery Exceeds Goals in Its First Year of U.S. Operation


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