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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 23, 2022)– The Nashville District Corps of Engineers celebrated Christmas throughout December by holding a Christmas party “round robin,” and a holiday reflection watch party at the district headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Employees prepared different food dishes for the round-robin event held December 8 and participated in a Christmas-themed door decorating contest. On December 15, employees reflected on Christmas pasts by watching old Nashville District Christmas play production videos.

“It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to hold these events due to COVID, but it’s been wonderful to have everyone back in the office so we’re all able to come together to celebrate the holiday season,” said Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist David Claussen.


Claussen, who wore a festive Santa Clause print red suit, said he enjoys this time of the year and the holiday spirit that comes with it. “Coming into the office and seeing everyone’s holiday sweaters and outfits, along with sharing their favorite holiday foods is a unique experience that brings us together like a family.”

Each department set up a small food serving station filled with their favorite home-cooked meals, treats, and drinks. Employees visited other departments with plates in hand, taking whatever foods interested them.

Mechanical Engineer Paul Tribble and his father John Tribble, retired Nashville District Technical Support Branch chief, joined Supervisory Electrical Engineer David Mistakovich in a birthday cake-cutting celebration for employees born in December.

“It’s a great honor to have worked for the Corps for over 30 years and now have my son here as well. I always enjoyed the comradery these events foster and am happy to be here to celebrate this wonderful holiday season with good food and good people,” said John Tribble.

Earlier in the month, employees interested in competing in the holiday door decorating contest brought in art supplies and Christmas decorations to compose holiday-themed murals in hopes of winning this year’s award.

During the round-robin, employees from departments outside of the Corps of Engineers walked around viewing the different door decorations before selecting their top three favorites. Third place went to the Programs and Project Management Division, second place went to the Operations Division, and the Public Affairs Office took first place.

Holiday celebrations picked back up on December 15 for the holiday reflections watch party. Employees enjoyed popcorn and other treats as Equal Employment Opportunity Manager Stephanie Coleman narrated a trip down memory lane, recapping the fun moments and recalling the employees involved in the productions.

“When I came on board in September 1987, the annual luncheons were already taking place, and the Castle Club, an employee organization which sponsored the luncheons, would perform things like music and poetry. It wasn’t until I was asked to write and produce the Christmas plays in 1989 that we started the yearly tradition,” said Coleman.

The last Christmas play was in 2019. Due to COVID and other extenuating circumstances, the play had been put on hold. Coleman said the watch party for this year is meant to remind employees of the fun they can look forward to for next year’s production.

“We’re looking forward to planning a play for next December, but before then, we may have a surprise awaiting employees in the spring, something fun we can do before our District Commander Lt. Col. Sahl moves on to his next duty station,” said Coleman. 

Watch party participants consisted of new Corps employees who had never seen the Christmas play productions and veteran Corps employees who had starred in previous plays.

Executive Officer Congressional Liaison Joanne Mann, who has been a part of approximately ten Nashville District plays said her favorite play was “It’s a Wonderful Life” and she was honored to play the role of George Bailey.

“It was wonderful reminiscing about former colleagues thru the plays. It reminded me how much fun work can be. I would love to be involved in future plays as we get back to this great tradition,” said Mann.

Both new employees and veteran employees have expressed their interest in being involved in future productions, which will pick back up in 2023.

“Nashville District is unique in so many ways, especially in its way of making employees feel like family.  The annual Luncheon and Play quickly became one of the family events that employees really looked forward to and talked about for months after it was over,” said Coleman.

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Nashville District Corps of Engineers celebrate Christmas > Nashville District > News Stories


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