Marvel’s Zombified Heroes Become a Strategy Board Game


Marvel Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance lets players team up to take down zombified versions of their favorite heroes in a new tabletop strategy adventure.

The crowdfunded board game Marvel Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance is now available to purchase.

Currently listed for sale on Barnes and Noble, the game is an off-shoot of Guillotine Games’ popular Zombicide board series, which is known not only for its core mechanics but also for its intricately-detailed pieces. Based on the Marvel Zombies comic series, Marvel Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance takes place in a world where a zombie virus is rapidly spreading through the population. Players assume the role of the last few uninfected superheroes to defeat the “Zombie Heroes,” in addition to hordes of zombified civilians, while trying to find a way to restore the world to its original state. The game’s listed price on B&N is $34.99.

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The Marvel Zombies Kickstarter Campaign

The creation of Marvel Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance was driven by an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign started several months back by the developer, CMON. Although the initial goal was $500,000, the game hit its target amount within hours after it went live on Jan. 18. By the time the campaign closed, the board game had accumulated almost 29,000 backers, who collectively pledged over $9,000,000 to the project.

As an added incentive to donating, those who pledged certain amounts will receive special extras along with the Marvel Zombies core box, which, unlike Heroes’ Resistance, has players go through the game as the zombies. One example of this was the $410 “Galactus Pledge,” which gives players a special “Gigantic Galactus” game piece, as well as access to both Hero and Zombie Modes. Those who donated $615 will receive the “Devourer Pledge,” which comes with multiple expansions sets, exclusive game pieces and other extras. Currently, CMON estimates that backers will receive their pledge awards in June 2023.

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The Marvel Zombies comic series began with the five-issue limited series written by Robert Kirkman with art by Sean Phillips and cover artwork by Arthur Suydam. The story, set on an alternate version of Earth, begins when a mysterious superhero arrives from another dimension brings along a deadly virus that transforms people into zombies. Soon after his crash landing, almost every noteworthy superhero on the planet is infected, including teams the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men. In a surprising twist on the traditional zombie mythos, the infected heroes retain their intellect and personalities, but are driven to feast on human flesh due to an insatiable “hunger” caused by the virus.

Marvel Zombies: Heroes’ Resistance is available now. Those who want to check out the Marvel Zombie comics can read them through Marvel Unlimited.

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Marvel’s Zombified Heroes Become a Strategy Board Game


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