Marco Nobili on Why Streaming is a Global Game

NB: What goals have you accomplished thus far and what are your goals over the next year?

MN: I’m going to take a victory lap on this one, because this year has been a very long one. We’ve launched in many, many countries. We started almost two years ago and launched in a lot of new markets by the end of 2021. In 2022 we moved to South Korea, then we launched in the UK and Ireland. We went to my beloved Italy, and then we’ll launch in December in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The team has done massive work to bring the service to so many markets in such a short runway. We not only launched these markets, but we hit all our goals and metrics. To look back at how much we’ve accomplished so far is incredible and I can thank all the team enough.

When I think about our goals as we cross the year into 2023, it’s going to be about scaling the business. Now we move from this mindset of ‘let’s launch, launch, launch,’ to ‘how do we scale the business and how do we get it to great efficiency across a few pillars’. We want to really get to one single platform, content pipeline, product and operation. We want to start to optimize our content portfolio and have one single content windowing across the globe. We want to scale our brand, growth and reach. We do have a few additional countries to add in 2023, one of which I am excited about and that we have announced, which is India.


NB: What are you most focused on—gaining subscribers, reducing churn…?

MN: How is content customized for local markets? We need to continue to leverage the power of our global content, particularly our franchises. We have such extraordinary franchises. Yellowstone, HALO, Star Trek, Dexter, South Park, blockbusters such as Top Gun: Maverick, Mission: Impossible, Transformers, and then kids’ content like SpongeBob and PAW Patrol. When you build a global fandom, the power of these global IPs is invaluable and it is something we want to continue to leverage.

At the same time, there’s a lot of value from local content. Particularly in certain countries. There is one thing that I’ve discovered by launching all these countries. Every time we launch in a new country, there’s always the same mix in the top 10 titles, few big global IPs like Star Trek, Yellowstone, Halo, South Park, SpongeBob and then one or two local properties. The local properties can be a scripted show, like Circeo in Italy, Five Bedrooms in Australia, Los Enviados in Mexico, or a reality franchise, like Acapulco Shore in Mexico, Geordie Shore in the UK. We want to continue to strike that balance. Audience and demand are what drives us.

NB: Is there a particular local original that you are excited about?

MN: I’m going to mention one that we recently launched and it’s the biopic of Miguel Bosé. I grew up with him. Miguel Bosé actually spans multiple countries. I was born in Italy, raised in Italy, but then moved to Spain. I went to the UK, and went to the U.S. I spent a bunch of time in Latin America, across Mexico and Brazil. Miguel Bosé was everywhere. So, the biopic is very close to my heart.

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Marco Nobili on Why Streaming is a Global Game


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