Many Kentucky employers still on the hunt for workers

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Lexington area employers were on the hunt for more workers Thursday morning with a job fair at the Community Action Council Prep Academy.

There are plenty of employers who have had open positions for months, even though labor reports show that there are workers looking for that job.

“Company representatives I spoke with, out at the job fair, told me that a lack of interest isn’t a problem,” said Latoya Williams, UPS Talent Acquisitions. “There are plenty of people who apply for these jobs, but it’s following through after that application that seems to be the hurdle.”


Williams, along with a number of other representatives, told us they think it comes down to worker mentality.

“People thinking that it’s just a part-time job and ‘if I come there, I’m not going to be able to make enough money,’ which is very untrue,” Williams said.

Williams and others tell us that money is a major concern for applicants.

“Biggest thing I’ve seen is the increase in pay,” said Williams. “So, when they offer more pay they usually get an influx of more employees.”

However, Williams says it’s not all about money. In fact, she said security and support are the biggest things employees look for.

“We pay for like tuition reimbursement, after nine months of employment you get health, dental, and vision for free,” said Williams. “We’re a company that still invests in a pension. So, there’s a lot of opportunities there that bring people to UPS. Even though it’s recognized as a part-time job, when people come in there they’re looking for more of a career. So, once they get their foot in the door, I find more people stay because they realize the investment that they’re putting in their self; the investment that the company is putting in them as well.”

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Many Kentucky employers still on the hunt for workers


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