Local youths seek jobs in energy projects

MANSEHRA: The local unemployed youths on Saturday demanded the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to provided employment to them in the 300-megawatts Balakot Hydropower Project being built over the Kumar River.

“The district administration has acquired 8,000 kanals of land for this energy project but the locals are being denied job opportunities by the government,” Naqash Rafique, the president of the Youngsters Alliance, told a meeting attended largely by the

youths from almost all union councils of the Balakot tehsil.


The meeting unanimously decided to take to the streets if the Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organisation (Pedo) didn’t appoint locals to the energy project.

“Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Population Welfare Ahmad Hussein Shah and Assistant Commissioner Balakot had committed earlier that the locals would be given job opportunities but now people from other parts of the country are being inducted,” Rafique said.

Another youngster’s leader, Mian Mohammad Siddique, said that they welcomed the execution of the dam by the KP government and would never create hurdles in its smooth execution but they would also never allow anybody to deprive them of their rights.

“Our land is acquired for this energy project and prices are yet to be paid in accordance with the government announcement but even then we are being ignored in the employment opportunities and other issues,” he added.

Siddique said youngsters would again meet next week in the same place and would announce their future strategy if their demands were not met.

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Local youths seek jobs in energy projects


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