Indi-GG: Indi-GG collaborates with G4AL to offer its games within the Indian subcontinent

New Delhi: G4AL, a Spanish game studio, has partnered with India’s Yield Guild Games (YGG) – IndiGG. The partnership will focus on launching a blockchain game named – ‘Elemental Raiders’.

After its recent partnership with YGG, Manel Sort and his team are focusing on expanding across continents through YGG’s sub-DAOs, offering cohort NFT Chests to gamers and guild members, and the opportunity to play G4AL’s upcoming Elemental Raiders.

The game will be out on the net and available on mobile by the last quarter of the current year. However, its beta version is already live, and IndiGG users can play with the allocated NFT Chests with potential $GGT tokens up for grabs.


Polygon-backed IndiGG is a subDAO of YGG aiming to create a Web3 and GameFi ecosystem flourishing in India.

Sophistication, scaling and growth have been the heart of the country in terms of gaming, with over 400 million gamers, making it one of the largest markets in the world.

“We’ve seen how quickly gaming as an industry has grown in this region over the last few years – and it only makes sense for western game studios to supercharge and create distribution strategies in the Indian subcontinent, said Abhishek Anand, Head of Partnerships at IndiGG.
IndiGG will be allocated chests by G4AL, each containing three unique IndiGG skins (common, rare, epic). These chests will enable players to earn “play-and-earn” status accounts within the Elemental Raiders game with five arena tickets.

Along with the unique and custom skins, the IndiGG community and the Indian Web3 community at large will get the chance to participate in the PvP or PvE tournaments, with lots of revenue opportunities.

There is an exodus of games going from Web2 to Web3 – which shows us the future that industry leaders have realised.

With the obvious benefits, we want to drive seamless adoption of Web3 and capitalize on the Indian gaming market.

To accomplish this, we’ve collaborated with IndiGG, who will help us with the market penetration strategies, said Adria Mir, Gaming and Blockchain expert, G4AL.

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Indi-GG: Indi-GG collaborates with G4AL to offer its games within the Indian subcontinent


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