How to Make Money Online with CPA Marketing?

Making money online is easy if you know the right strategies. And currently, one of the hottest ways of earning online is via CPA or affiliate marketing.


The sweet side of CPA marketing is its reliability and versatility. It connects and benefits both the marketers and sellers in a unique way with low risk and great ROI (return on investment). So, how to make money online with CPA marketing, especially in Bangladesh?


Getting started with CPA marketing is confusing because there is a lot of decision-making. The first dilemma to overcome is choosing the right CPA marketplace. This marketplace is where the marketer and the producer collaborate.

Choosing the marketplace is just the beginning. To enlighten you further on how to do CPA marketing I’ve gathered all the knowledge I could in this article. Let’s take a look.

What You’ll Learn

This guide is prepared to introduce you to CPA paid marketing in Bangladesh. Remember this article will just guide you through the basics of getting started with CPA or affiliate marketing.

I’ll introduce you to some of the best CPA networks or marketplaces as well. Alongside, I’ll also suggest you some of the best CPA marketing Bangla tutorial courses so that you can get a more profound knowledge of this subject.

Introduction to CPA Marketing and How It Works

CPA marketing offers remuneration to an affiliate partner after the partner has managed a potential customer to commit a particular action. It is actually a form of affiliate marketing.

With the help of CPA marketing, businesses get a great way to make customers do a certain action. The action can be purchasing a product, clicking on a link, watching a video ad, completing a survey, etc.

Here, the affiliate marketers’ job is to create a platform where a customer can complete these actions. The marketer has to present the action in a lucrative way so that the customer is inclined towards doing it.

The business will pay the affiliate partner for each action he/she has managed to get done. Businesses typically employ CPA advertising methods by partnering with celebrities, influencers, or famous websites.

Basically, anyone who has the right amount of audience and the caliber to attract people into committing the action is considered the most desired partner.

What is a CPA Network?

A CPA marketplace, which is also called a CPA network, is where businesses connect with affiliate marketers. CPA networks are like agencies that take deals from businesses and publish them.

Then the marketers find suitable deals for themselves and make offers to the corresponding businesses. If each party agrees to the various terms and conditions, they can move forward with the finalization of the deal.

A CPA network enables both parties to sort out payment terms, types of tasks, frequency of payment release, and other agreements.

How Should You Choose a CPA Network in Bangladesh?

I hope, by now you’ve realized the importance of choosing the right CPA network. There are a lot of CPA networks available which are suitable for Bangladesh. But not all of them will be apt to beginners.

CPA networks require a marketer to register first. A beginner might not be allowed in a top CPA network right away. That’s why you should look for networks that are easy to access for beginners.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any CPA network that has originated here in Bangladesh. You’ll have to use a foreign CPA network and one hardship you might face is transferring your remuneration as not all money transfer services are available in Bangladesh.

So, when choosing a CPA network, make sure the network allows money transfer services that are available in Bangladesh.

Other factors like payment release frequency, lucrative CPA links, convenient payment terms, etc. should weigh in your choice of CPA networks. But you can think about them later on when you’ll have enough experience in this field.

Some Suitable CPA Networks for Marketers in Bangladesh

I’ll mention some CPA networks now which have systems that are exceptionally compatible with the situation here in Bangladesh. The reasons behind selecting these networks are their performance, popularity, payment benefits, and lucrative offers.

This one is a convenient platform for newbie CPA marketers from Bangladesh. It offers over 3000 affiliate programs associated with up to 7 monetization models and 12 categories.

Accessing and navigating their program is very easy which gives beginners a solid chance. The minimum payment clearance is only $20 which is very easy for newbies to achieve.

You’ll be able to collect your payout within 48 hours and a good amount of money transfer services are applicable including modern solutions like Bitcoin! So, the marketer’s country won’t be a problem.

This renowned company has played its part well in the field of advertising and affiliate marketing in the last couple of years. The best thing about Zeydoo is that it’s beginner friendly.

The payment clearing frequency is once every two weeks and the minimum clearable payment is $100. It has adopted payment methods like Payoneer, Skrill, Webmoney, etc. which are well-available in Bangladesh.

When it comes to revenue making, no other network can show such promise as Clickdealer. The company offers countless affiliate programs associated with various business models.

Unfortunately, the minimum payment clearance is $500, which is a bit tough for beginners to achieve. The company offers many choices for payment transfers with a biweekly clearing frequency.

Best Courses to Learn CPA Marketing in Bangladesh

Plenty of online courses are available for learning CPA marketing. The problem is most prevalent courses online are in English. Coursera, Skillshare, Authority Hacker, and Savage Affiliate have very well-designed and profound courses about affiliate marketing.

If you have a good grasp of English as a language, these courses can help you get a good understanding of affiliate and CPA marketing. But if you’re not good at English, what you’ll need is an edifying affiliate marketing bangla tutorial.

There is a lot of Bangla courses available on CPA marketing and most of them have the same course structure. CPA Learner is the top online learning platform in Bangladesh that offers a solid CPA marketing course.

CPA Learner is the most popular online learning platform in Bangladesh that provides a comprehensive CPA marketing course in Bangladesh. The course is designed to provide participants with the essential skills and knowledge required to succeed in the CPA marketing field.

After learning the basics, start working in a beginner-friendly CPA network. Then as you gain more insight with the help of the course you chose, you should be able to start earning a handsome amount of money on a regular basis.


  • How to be the best affiliate marketer?

For attaining success in affiliate marketing your platform can play the most important role. Make your content solid and engaging. iRankPro is a Chicago SEO company that can help you produce high-quality SEO optimized content.

Rather than direct promotion or selling attempts, try to provide help and information. Be their friend, not the seller. Also, choose your products wisely and be flexible on this subject. And finally, make sure you put in the time and effort required.

  • How effective is CPA marketing?

CPA marketing is so popular at the moment because of how effective it is at generating revenue. It’s a win-win situation for both businesses and marketers.

The risk involved is very low while the return on investment is very lucrative. So, if you want to earn a good amount of money just sitting at home, CPA marketing can be a great way for it.


CPA marketing can be a great way to earn a good amount of money online, only by working from home. This can be a promising profession, especially in an over-populated country like ours.

I hope this article helped you with the basics of how to make money online with CPA marketing, especially in Bangladesh. Remember the hard part in CPA marketing is the decision-making parts. So, adapt, improvise, and overcome.

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How to Make Money Online with CPA Marketing?


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