Get A Second Chance To Watch The Exclusive Webinar On The Plan By Dan Hollings

On popular demand, Anish from SaazLife LLC is allowing the replay of Dan’s successful webinar for the people wanting to rewatch or who missed it the first time.

On popular demand, we are allowing the replay of the same webinar for the people who want to rewatch the event or who missed it the first time.”

— Anish Chatterjea (CEO- SaazLife LLC)


CANADA, February 18, 2022 / — After the massive success of their live webinar on the 17th of Feb, Anish from SaazLife LLC is now providing a second chance for the crypto enthusiasts to watch or rewatch that webinar where they can get the insider sneak-peak on the popular training program Dan Hollings’ The Plan.

As evident, The Plan by Dan Hollings is popular in the crypto world as it helps crypto investors make consistent profits on crypto trading such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Known to change the future of crypto trading, this system is governed by a specific set of rules and strategies which profits from the crypto volatility. This system automates the process and is equipped with powerful software that can make intelligent and profitable decisions on the user’s behalf.

Anish Chatterjea, who is an ardent believer of this system, has been able to create a set of exceptional benefits that experts in the industry believe will help people get the most out of the proven system of The Plan by Dan Hollings.

Anish has developed a profitable firm using the ideas he is sharing with his audience as a founding member of “The Plan’s” Beta 1 students. His viewpoint is based on assessing the investment plan’s risk and ensuring that the procedure is well-structured.

The Plan By Dan Hollings is currently available in 124 countries in the world and has been helping them make winning decisions 65% of the time when it comes to crypto investing. Automated Bot trading is one of the fastest-growing segments of the cryptocurrency market, and they’re revolutionizing how people trade and invest. And this system with its specific rule based strategy is one of the most proven ways to make money online and open the door to a passive income for people around the world.

Shedding light on the benefits of this system, Anish Chatterjea was quoted as saying, “Crypto has a history of being extremely volatile, and our system makes use of this shortcoming. In the five to six video training sessions, students will learn each stage of putting up these automated crypto trading bots, including specific rules and methods. I have been reinvesting in new crypto bots with the profit and have continued to scale my true passive income business to new heights. And I believe you can do it too!”

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About The Plan By Dan Hollings

Created by one of the first mobile web pioneers Dan Hollings, The Plan allows users to set up a system that automates the already proven process so that the software keeps making intelligent decisions for the users of The Plan.

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Get A Second Chance To Watch The Exclusive Webinar On The Plan By Dan Hollings


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