Game Changers: Heather Brooks Karatz


There are few people who have held as many high-profile and diverse roles in the sports industry as Heather Brooks Karatz.


She’s run a team as president of the Los Angeles Wildcats in the XFL. Karatz has worked for leagues and was executive vice president and general counsel of the Los Angeles Football Club. She was hired last year at Hollywood’s United Talent Agency.

“Heather is a superstar sports executive,” said Andrew Thau, UTA chief operating officer and board member. “She is highly knowledgeable, strategic and thoughtful.”

Karatz said she was given a broad mandate at UTA to work across the agency on a variety of growth and operational initiatives. “In the past year, I was involved with UTA’s acquisition of two companies — strategic advisory company MediaLink and U.K. talent agency Curtis Brown Group; structured our sports business strategy and identified potential M&A targets; and strengthened UTA’s presence in the broader sports industry,” she said.

UTA made an investment in Klutch Sports, the agency founded by LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul, and she’s a lead adviser on the growth of that agency.

“I have been fortunate throughout my career to sit on multiple sides of the industry — from leagues to teams to player representation, as well as within the sports content and media landscape,” Karatz said. “I think that that blend of experiences has provided me a unique perspective where I am able to filter my lens in different situations and put myself in the shoes of the person on the other side of the table because I have likely been there at some point in my past.” — Liz Mullen

Heather Brooks Karatz

Executive Vice President, Growth and OperationsUnited Talent Agency

Born: Washington, D.C.
Education: Vanderbilt University, B.A.; UCLA, J.D.
Family: Spouse, Theodore (“Teddy”) Karatz; children, Abe and Joelle (twins, 6½)

More about Heather

Guilty pleasure: Eating frozen yogurt with Oreo toppings in bed while watching TV.
Advice to my younger self: “Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.” — Guillaume Apollinaire
Year’s greatest challenge: Adjusting to spending lots of time working across time zones.
My leadership style is inspired by … : Being me! Honesty, transparency, passion, and intuition.
I wish I’d known at my career’s start: There is no one right path.
Advice to a young person looking to work in sports business: The sports business encompasses so many different areas, so keep an open mind and explore!
Change I’d make related to women working in sports: We need more mentorship at all levels and across genders.

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Game Changers: Heather Brooks Karatz


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