Four Social Media Marketing Ideas For Salon Owners

Chelle Neff is the founder of Urban Betty and has been a leader in creating innovative practices in the salon industry since 2005.

Salon owners, it’s time to do better with your social media marketing. We have all seen enough of the backs of heads, and there is so much more you can do to connect with your audience that sets you apart from every other salon in your area.

Marketing Is More Than ‘This Is What We Do’

Everyone knows you do hair. So while showing your work with photos of “backs of heads” is important to show off your talents, it does nothing to help people connect to your brand. If you want to build a true bond with your audience, it’s important to be vulnerable, authentic and give your audience something they can’t get anywhere else—the real you.


Social Media Marketing Ideas For Salon Owners

When you market your brand in fun, authentic ways, not only will you attract more clients, you’ll attract the right kind of clients—the ones you’ll love to work with. In 2023, put these social media strategies for salon owners to work and watch your calendar fill up with clients who come to you not just for hair, but because they feel like they already know your brand.

Share how-to videos. Every client who walks into your salon secretly wonders, “How do they make my hair look so great every time?” Feed that curiosity with how-to videos that teach your audience how to get salon results at home. Don’t worry: They’ll still come to you for the professional version. How-to videos of hair styling, skincare and makeup application position you as an expert while delivering real value to your followers.

When we added facials and skincare to our services, we made how-to videos about proper skincare and posted them to our social media channels. This not only got our followers excited about taking care of their skin, but it amped up interest in our new services, too.

Do good in your community. Partnering with charitable organizations in your community serves your brand while serving your hometown. The benefit of doing charitable work is twofold when it comes to marketing your salon. For one, it instantly puts your brand in front of the organization’s audience. Secondly, it communicates that your brand has a heart, which will get the attention of viewers who like to do business with brands that give back.

When we work with a charity, we make sure to take videos of what we’re doing, then share them on social media and tag the organization. It shows our audience that we’re not just out to do hair, but we’re here working hard to make our community (and theirs) a better place.

Create a get-to-know-us series. Getting your hair done is an extremely intimate experience. Close contact, lots of touching and the client literally putting the next 3-6 months (or more) of their looks on the line requires an immense amount of trust. And who do we tend to trust? People and brands we feel like we know.

Consider creating a “get to know us” series on your social media to give potential clients a feel for the stylists in your salon before they book an appointment. This could be anything from a weekly “getting to know you” question for each stylist to pictures of pets and everything in between. As long as it reveals something fun and interesting about the people in your salon, it’s a win.

Our current version of a “get to know us” series is Tattoo Tuesday. Every Tuesday, we post a picture of one of our stylist’s tattoos and ask them to explain the significance of it. It’s a fun and artistic way for our brand to capitalize on our stylists’ creativity and personality.

Introduce new products and services with giveaways. Every time you add a new product or service to your salon, the best way to drum up excitement for your new offering is with giveaways. With social media, you have ample opportunities to turn your giveaways into exciting online events, polls, surveys and daily posts, and, of course, post the winners.

This past year, we started doing facials and waxing and also developed our own product line. These were things guests weren’t yet aware of. We started doing giveaways online to bring people in the door to try these new things, and we saw powerful results.

Social Media Is About Being Social

Social media is the hangout spot where people go to relax, learn and hang out with their favorite brands and friends. When you put your authentic self out there on social media in new and interesting ways, you’ll be more likely to connect with potential clients on a deeper level for long-lasting brand loyalty.

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Four Social Media Marketing Ideas For Salon Owners


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