Experiential Marketing In Cannabis: What Is It?

Experiential marketing has a long list of benefits. It’s incredibly effective due to its in-person nature that involves the consumer’s complete undivided attention, in which you can introduce them to your brand and what it represents. See more benefits of experiential marketing below:

Connects Consumers To Your Brand And Products: Experiential marketing is an excellent way to showcase your brand’s products and make a lasting impact on consumers who can try your products in a unique environment without knowing much about you beforehand. It’s the most direct way to introduce potential customers and leads to who you are and what you offer. 

Direct Feedback: The great thing about experiential marketing is the instant feedback provided by guests. While not all of them will be customers, this gives your brand an advantage by listening to any critiques or feedback about what you’re offering. Think of it as a test run, if you will. You will instantly see which products and services are working and which aren’t. 


Boosts Word-Of-Mouth: The first conversation your guests will have after the event almost always involves what they just experienced. You’re guaranteed to spread the word of your brand through word-of-mouth by engaging guests with unique experiences who will be eager to share details about your event with friends, family, and co-workers. 

Increases Customer Loyalty: It’s one thing to sell great products and have returning customers, but it’s a whole other ball game when you make an effort to keep your customers for the long haul through engaging events. Whether the event focuses on your brand or products, advertising it to your target audience will make them feel special, thus, increasing their loyalty to you. 

Creative Control: Brands have complete creative control to make the entire event about their company and what it represents. If your brand sells wellness products, consider a spa day involving your products or a mindful meditation session in a zen outdoor area. The options are endless.

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Experiential Marketing In Cannabis: What Is It?


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