eviivo Limited CTO Eric White Shares How eviivo Suite Can Make Hotels or Real Estate Businesses Successful

eviivo Limited

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eviivo Limited CTO Eric White

The best property management system (PMS) can make or break a hotel or real estate business. After all, technology that simplifies front desk procedures will lead to a more seamless guest experience, and you and your guests get a win-win situation. To make this happen, eviivo Limited provided a premium solution shared by their Chief Technology Officer, Eric White.


What Is eviivo Limited?

eviivo Suite is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution that combines property administration, channel management, and a robust payment system. This enables hotels’ and property managers’ personnel to utilize and be educated on a single solution. This solution intends to handle everyday operations centered on guests, pricing, and bookings, without worrying about how each online travel agency operates.

In contrast to other PMS, Chief Technology Officer Eric White acknowledges the significant concerns that eviivo Suite can resolve, including missed opportunities in selling rooms or overbookings.

“In the industry, you can go very cheap and cobble together different solutions to meet the core functionality of a property management system and channel manager, but this quickly leads to integration problems and incomplete solutions,” said White.

eviivo Suite also includes APIs and numerous partners integrated to address areas like back-office accounting, reporting, insurance, yielding, and even physical door lock control as needed.

When asked about the things that make eviivo different from other hotel PMS, White mentioned their use of modern technologies. eviivo leverages cloud technologies to scale up vertically or horizontally as needed.

This is essential during peak travel seasons when the number of guests and bookings grow. It also employs CDN edge servers to provide huge static materials closer to visitors who utilize the eviivo booking engine. This significantly accelerates guests’ browsing and booking process directly with establishments that use eviivo Suite.

In case you didn’t know, a fast-booking engine that delivers bookings is a critical income generator for successful hotels and property managers. Then, to further incorporate their branding, White also notes that the lowercase ‘e’ in their name is because they are in the hotel industry, where small capitals are friendlier to the eye.

How eviivo Suite Works

The eviivo Suite contains critical lodging booking software capabilities to assist hoteliers and vacation rental property managers in running their businesses. The team behind its development provides an integrated property management platform with a channel manager as a cloud-based, all-in-one solution.

This combination enables venues to manage all their content, pricing, and availability in one location while also controlling the booking life cycle without worrying about overbookings. It is difficult and even costly to accomplish this manually, which is why property managers and hoteliers seek out the eviivo Suite solution.

“Our platform also includes several valuable tools to support business reporting, end-of-day reporting, and ERP APIs, including trust accounting. It’s why we’ve had an incredible number of customers stay with us for nearly a decade. They know they can rely on us and also use the most modern, up-to-date platform in the industry,” White remarked.

Now, it’s quite critical to determine whether eviivo is up to date on the current trends, so we inquired. Is it suitable for Airbnb? White affirms that eviivo is a preferred Airbnb partner and that eviivo Suite is intimately linked to Airbnb, covering the core capabilities that Airbnb has made available to connectivity partners.

“What does this mean for vacation rental properties? They use a property management platform that is continually improved and developed in ways that specifically benefit the vacation rental market since eviivo works with Airbnb closely to improve the offering,” he added.

Moreover, looking up at their features, we were quite intrigued about how the Promo Manager works. According to White, it’s a very popular and unique feature that no other hotel PMS can replicate.

It enables hoteliers to conduct discounts (such as coupons), reward loyalty, and establish special offerings on their websites that are not visible to rivals, attracting more customers and increasing direct reservations. Hoteliers can employ further connectors with external price specialists using Promo Manager, which provides dynamic pricing automation.

Furthermore, eviivo Suite provides tools for hoteliers or property managers to arrange taxes appropriate to their needs, allowing them to handle more sophisticated tax configurations.

Our property management tool genuinely performs all of the work for you, including accommodation, non-accommodation, particular taxes (e.g., green taxes), and even compounded taxes, so you can focus on operating your business. In terms of payments, eviivo technology complies with the Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and PCI-DSS PSD2.

Why Choose eviivo?

To compare eviivo to other property management software, we questioned how it differs in three ways. The payment system is undoubtedly the strongest feature, as said by White.

Hoteliers and property managers may use eviivo Suite to handle and automate the most unusual collection circumstances, such as upfront deposits, tiered deposits, damage deposits, cancellation fees, and card rejects. Regardless of the source of the booking, all of this is done in a 3D secure manner.

Second, is connection with internet travel firms. White said that eviivo Suite has one of the most comprehensive API coverages in the business, with Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, Vrbo, and many more.

It also automates the distribution and updating of descriptions, images, amenities, and policies and the real-time updating of room pricing, promotions, and inventories. This enables property managers or small independent hotel groups to quickly employ new units to online travel agencies.

Plus, eviivo Suite has bespoke, built-in flows for real-world business issues, such as immediately declining invalid cards without leaving the UI that the property is familiar with. All of this, naturally, is integrated to expedite the operational aspect of the hotelier’s or the property manager’s booking business.

White then emphasized the mobile app as the third advantage as it helps property managers and owners handle everything from the palm of their hands.

eviivo Limited

(Photo : eviivo Limited)

“Now, combine these powerful automation capabilities (payment and channel connectivity) with the incredible mobile app we released last quarter, and hosts can connect with their teams, and manage, control, and trigger all these processes in the palm of their hand, any time, anywhere, regardless of the source of the booking.”

What’s in Store for eviivo in the Future?

In White’s words, mobility and automation are the two technologies that enable their hosts to accomplish more with less. “For one, we recently launched a mobile app, eviivo Mobile, with never-before-seen features. It’s been a remarkable success; more than 80% of our customers have downloaded it.”

As a result, eviivo is convinced that they will lead the “tech revolution” in five years since they are among the first to release first-of-its-kind, creative technology in their industry.

The app is akin to the award-winning eviivo Suite. Still, it goes beyond by adding multi-property, multi-channel functionality and the ability to deploy housekeeping, cleaning, and maintenance personnel.

It also responds to a booking query, engages with a staff person, and prepares a month-end report while the hosts are away. Not just that. As a global company that continues to expand, eviivo is no stranger to constant inquiries from small corners of the globe.

We also wanted to know what else they’re working on at the moment. White replied that they’re continuing to add more features and to discover new ways to incorporate speech and virtual reality bots into everything they do.

But the primary objective stands; to remove clients from their workstations and make daily duties easier for them and their teams. They hope to achieve so by radically transforming the work-life balance of the accommodation providers so that in five years, eviivo will have invented technology that consumers find important as it returns much of their usually work-spent time.

When it comes to visitor communications, there is already a high-level of automation. But their unified messaging set to release shortly will make it possible for guests and properties to communicate with one another using the different messaging systems provided by online travel agents.

There’s no doubt that eviivo will soar high in the future. After all, it’s known as the only hospitality software company that prioritizes and highlights hoteliers, hosts, property owners, and properties through their renowned eviivo Awards (prominently known as “the Oscars of independent accommodations”).

This initiative recognizes outstanding properties, hosts, and hoteliers, as well as annual campaigns that champion the faces and places in the short-term rental and independent accommodation sector. Currently, trusted eviivo hosts, hotels, and resorts have been acknowledged in leading publications such as the Daily Mail, CNBC, Time Out, etc.

“By 2027, I believe that with our authority, innovation and vision, we can take property management systems to a place where hoteliers, property managers, and hosts have the most advanced platform in the industry,” White concluded.

eviivo pledges to go above and above in October with a first-of-its-kind idea that places hotels, property owners, and hosts even more in the limelight. After all the hardships they faced throughout COVID-19, eviivo emphasizes that they deserve all of the world’s credit for their tenacity.

Their soon-to-be-released concept, which blends their cutting-edge technology with their dedication to social responsibility and self-sufficiency, will surely not disappoint.

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eviivo Limited CTO Eric White Shares How eviivo Suite Can Make Hotels or Real Estate Businesses Successful


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