CodeMiko plans to change content strategy to suit Twitch revenues

CodeMiko joined an increasing generation of content creators to voice their displeasure and affirm their desire to lower the revenue share of many of the top creators of the Twitch platform.

He talked to the viewers, with a phrase called “The Technician” which describe Yuona Kang if she is speaking as herself instead of her VTube altar alias, and said it was like it was, as a frenzied revenue split.

Thank you so much for giving me platform, and thank you for giving me the visibility that I needed, said he. The work I’m doing is not 50 or 50. I know YouTube has 70-30 so I’m going to gradually migrate to YouTube. I will try to focus on YouTube videos.


She went on to say that she found it annoying to hear Twitch puts ads on a VOD for streams, but doesn’t allow streamers to monetize these VODs. YouTube, by contrast, is more focused on monetizing video than live content.

While the planned Mikos plan does not seem to be definitive, the thought process seems to be in line with the general sense of a popular YouTube streamer made immediately following Twitchs announcement.

By saying that livestreams have hard parts to deliver and correct the recording of content, Ludwig believes that livestreams can deliver more value than most people think it is.

In his video analyzing the changes that will be in effect next June, Ludwig concluded that if streams like Miko have more success by moving to YouTube, they will get more profit. After some consideration, a good idea for Miko seems to realize that there may be another question.

Mikos thought process is similar to that of a famous creator. Nick NMP Polom expressed his intention to take similar steps and create more content for YouTube earlier this week.

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CodeMiko plans to change content strategy to suit Twitch revenues


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