A Game of Thrones Game Should Explore The Long Night

Game of Thrones is once again dominating the Internet thanks to its prequel series House of the Dragon on HBO. Viewers are being whisked back to Westeros, and it has been a great time so far, but there are even more stories that could be told outside the HBO shows. Specifically, the video game industry is rife with potential when it comes to adapting various time periods on Westeros.

Long before the events of Game of Thrones and the story of House of the Dragon, there was the Long Night. It was a time of much conflict and strife as the earliest residents of Westeros fought valiantly to protect the world from malicious creatures. While it may not be filled with notable characters or houses vying for the Iron Throne, it was still a very important part of Westeros history, and it could make a great setting for a video game.



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The Long Night Explained

The Long Night was a period of darkness and despair in the lands of Westeros. It occurred approximately 8,000 years before Aegon’s Conquest – which saw Aegon I Targaryen conquer Westeros and construct the Iron Throne. It was characterized by famines, the rise of the White Walkers, and a generation-long winter. It almost caused the destruction of all life in Westeros, but it has since faded into myth and legend.

Before The Long Night, the First Men invaded Westeros and encroached on the lands of the Children of the Forest. To counteract this invasion, the Children captured one of these First Men and turned him into the first White Walker to protect them. However, the White Walkers had other plans, and the Children lost control of their own creation. The White Walkers marched across Westeros, killing everything in their path and raising the dead into their ranks. The First Men and Children of the Forest were forced to sign a pact, and together they prepared to stop the hordes of undead from killing them all.

The White Walkers caused much death and destruction, and the Long Night lasted a generation. The alliance was eventually able to push them back into the far north, and they constructed The Wall to defend the lands of Westeros. The Night’s Watch was formed to watch the wall, and the events of the Long Night quickly became a simple story. The White Walkers attempted to plunge the world into a second Long Night during Game of Thrones, but they were thwarted by the armies of the North and Daenerys Targaryen.

The Long Night Would Be a Great Video Game Setting

The Long Night is a major part of the history of Westeros, but it has not been explored in any Game of Thrones media yet. It has only been referenced, and the creation of the first White Walker was shown in an episode. Such an influential event deserves to be explored as deeply as possible, and it should be explored soon. While HBO may try to make a TV show depicting the events of The Long Night, a video game could probably do it more justice.

The Long Night was a desperate time of survival for the residents of Westeros, and video games tend to do a good job of depicting that struggle. A survival game could make a strong genre for The Long Night as players have to do whatever they can to survive an endless winter. A strategy game could also fit as players try to push back the forces of the White Walkers and save whatever they can. The game could also just be a simple RPG that sees players embark on a quest to stop the White Walkers before they destroy humanity.

A video game depicting the events of The Long Night could take many forms, giving players further insight into the history of Westeros. It would also be a great way to fill the void left by a lack of Game of Thrones adaptations overall. There are not many titles set in this expansive fantasy world, and now is the best time for brand-new adventures based on George R. R. Martin’s creation.

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A Game of Thrones Game Should Explore The Long Night


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