9 Companies with Excellent Programs to Hire and Support Veterans

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Many corporations, large and small, are acknowledging the unique set of circumstances that veterans face when transitioning back to civilian life after their military service ends and are actively seeking out former service members to join their companies.

Approximately 250,000 veterans return from duty each year with invaluable skills like problem-solving, leadership, and a stellar work ethic. Yet, in addition to the many physical and mental challenges they face, veterans still have great difficulty when it comes to receiving employment, education, compensation, and healthcare.


Thankfully, an array of companies in many sectors including finance, aerospace, and industry are focused on hiring veterans and are not only offering them employment and career opportunities, but also providing support to vets and their families through special training, programs, initiatives, and benefits.

Any veterans interested in securing employment could find potential opportunities for new career paths within these companies and we dive into 9 of them below.

1. Boeing

Since 2010, Boeing has added over 13,500 veterans to its workforce. In addition, this top aerospace company has supported hundreds of programs and organizations aimed at military members and veterans and subcontracted $490 million to veteran-owned businesses. Further showing its commitment to supporting veterans and their families, the company donated $8 million in 2021 to veteran-supporting organizations.

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2. Capital One

With many programs aimed at supporting veterans and their families, Capital One has shown its commitment to helping ex-military persons find meaningful employment with a comfortable transition to civilian life. These initiatives include Hiring Our Heroes, Serve the Reserve, the Military New Hire Transition Program, and the Corporate Fellowship Program which places transitioners in open jobs for 11 weeks with the opportunity for employment at the end.

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3. Dow

Offering mentorships, engagement programs, and a veteran resource group to military members, multinational chemical corporation Dow has been awarded a “veteran-friendly employer” status by Michigan’s Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA). The company is actively seeking to employ veterans for many of its departments including operations, human resources, supply chain, IT, marketing, sales, legal, and finance.

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4. Goldman Sachs

Through its one-year Veterans and Armed Forces Integration Program, investment bank Goldman Sachs offers service members the chance to enhance and develop their skills, grow their network, connect with mentors, attend a variety of workshops, and increase their understanding of financial markets, with the aim of finding them the most suitable role within the corporation.

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5. Intel

Top technology company Intel believes that the skills possessed by military members make them a great addition to its workforce, 7% of which is comprised of veterans from the U.S. Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy, working in many of Intel’s departments including HR, IT, manufacturing, and sales. The company offers comprehensive benefits, training, and tuition assistance and has won several veteran-friendly employer awards.

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6. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

For a decade, JPMorgan has been supporting veterans and their families via its Office of Military and Veterans Affairs program helping them smoothly transition to civilian life and offering employment and training opportunities. The company has hired more than 16,000 service members since 2011 and founded the Veteran Jobs Mission to pair talented veterans with jobs in over 250 companies.

Learn more about careers at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

7. Lockheed Martin

One in five of the approximately 114,000 employees who work at global security and aerospace company, Lockheed Martin, have served in uniform. The military-friendly company states that “veterans are at the center of everything” it does and is dedicated to helping veterans transition into civilian careers, offering many training and employment opportunities.

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8. Mayo Clinic

The non-profit academic medical research and education center, Mayo Clinic, seeks to encourage and empower veterans through its many partnerships, career fairs, and collaborating websites. The company is an awarded military-friendly employer, offering job opportunities to veterans with many benefits including medical, dental, vision, paid time off, and life insurance. Its employee-founded Veterans Mayo Employee Resource Group helps support the company’s military members and their families.

Learn more about careers at Mayo Clinic

9. Wells Fargo

With over 11,000 veterans added to its 268,000-strong workforce since 2016, financial services company Wells Fargo is not only actively looking to employ military veterans, including those with disabilities, and transitioning service members, but military spouses too. The company offers both veteran apprenticeships and internship programs, and also has a veteran team member network that promotes awareness and career development for the veteran community.

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9 Companies with Excellent Programs to Hire and Support Veterans


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