6 Free Job Tracking Templates to Organize Your Job Search

Do you need help tracking your job applications? When looking for a job, it’s common to feel overwhelmed or miss out on an important task. To avoid the stress of job hunting, use a pre-made template. Here are some job-tracking templates that you can download for free.


Huntr Job Tracking Template

Huntr is a helpful web app to track your job applications. The Kanban-style template divides tasks into five categories: Wishlist, Applied, Interview, Offer, and Rejected. You can also add multiple job boards, letting you track your career journey and use a different board each time you change jobs.

The Huntr template is fully customizable. You can rename the default columns and add details per job you applied to, such as post URL, company, location, salary, and description. You can also view deadlines and log the dates of your application and interview schedule.

The paid version lets you track metrics such as the number of applications and interviews, which can be helpful if you enjoy statistics. However, the free template is more than satisfactory and includes essential details to help your job search.

Notion Job Search Dashboard Template by Red Gregory screenshot

Notion is an all-in-one productivity app that helps you manage projects, keep track of goals, share information, and build anything from Wiki pages to CRM software. One of the useful things you can do in Notion is to create templates, such as job trackers.

The app offers several job-tracking templates for free, but Red Gregory’s is one of the most detailed ones. This template is for those who would like a comprehensive view of their job application. It includes all the information you need to evaluate each role carefully:

  • Companies: Helps you organize companies by industry.
  • Saved Listings: Enables you to save and keep track of job opportunities that you’re interested in.
  • Interviews: Shows a calendar view of your interview schedules.
  • Basic Info: Includes the company name and the status of your application (Researching, Applied, Interviewing, Accepted, or Rejected), and the link to the job post.
  • Role Type: Includes the Role, Working Time (Full time or temporary), and a space to mark if you’re allowed to work remotely.
  • Describe: Role description.
  • Qualifications: Includes Requirements, Preferred experience, and Skills for the role.
  • Benefits: Job benefits such as healthcare or paid time off.
  • Pay: Rate per hour or salary range.

Airtable job hunting template

Airtable is one of the most helpful apps to manage your job hunt, track applications, and get employment. The platform uses a simple spreadsheet interface, which you can edit to keep track of your job search records. It also has a free app to access the template wherever you go.

The Airtable Job Hunting template is simple to navigate. It’s divided into fields you can customize: Company, Logo, My Notes, Role, Size, Location, Link, Action Date, and Follow up? It’s also handy if you’re looking for specific information. At the top of the template, click Hide Fields. You’ll see a list of field entries with a green slider button. When you move the sliders, they will gray out, and the field will be hidden.

Another helpful feature of this template is the Interview Questions tab, which you can see at the top beside Job Leads. Click Interview Questions to view a few samples of common job interview questions and how to answer them. You can add more questions to this list and write your answers in the next column for practice.

To use the Airtable Job Hunting Table, register for a free account. Airtable will automatically upgrade your plan to Pro. Don’t worry, as this will revert to the free plan once the 14 days trial is up.

Todoist Job Hunt template

Todoist is an easy-to-use productivity tool that can organize your life. The basic account is free and great for your personal and work tasks. With Todoist, you can easily create new projects and add descriptions for each task.

This template lets you know exactly where you are in your job search. Job hunting is organized into four categories: Preparation, Search, Apply, and Interview. Each category is further broken down into important reminders like updating your resume or checking a job board.

If you’re an achiever who likes everything to be fast and efficient, you’ll love using this template. Todoist makes it effortless to add and reorganize tasks, check deadlines, and review how much more needs to be done. It’s also satisfying to tick off tasks one by one.

Job Search Template by ClickUp screenshot

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management app that promises to do away with all your other apps. With its powerful features, ClickUp might take time to get used to. But if you have the time to explore and learn, you won’t regret the results.

The ClickUp template is divided into five categories showing each stage of your job hunt: Open, Applied, Phone Interview, In Person Interview, No Offer, and Offer Accepted. Each category is broken down into smaller tasks that make it easier to evaluate a job. You can add Glassdoor ratings, a checkmark for health insurance, cover letters, and personal notes (i.e., you can add your initial impressions about the job).

One of ClickUp’s best features is that it allows you to use different views for your project: Gantt, Timeline, Boards, Mind Maps, Activity, Calendar, Table, and the good old List. To see all the details in your job search, use List view. If you need a simple overview sans the details, use Table.

Microsoft Office Job Application Log screenshot

If familiarizing yourself with another app sounds like a chore, stick with the ever-reliable Microsoft Office. Created on Excel, the Microsoft Office Job Application Log helps you remember all the important dates in your application, so you never miss a job interview. Just download the Excel mobile app or use Google Sheets to access the spreadsheet anywhere.

This job tracker is the simplest you can find on this list. The spreadsheet logs the data you need most for your job search:

  • Company Name/Website
  • Contact Name/Title
  • Phone/Fax/Email
  • Resume Sent
  • How Sent
  • References Sent
  • Job Description
  • Follow Up (How/Date)
  • How I Heard About This Job and Other Comments

However, you may want to add a social media link instead of a fax number. There are reasons why fax machines are still in use until now. But most recruiters would get in touch with you through LinkedIn, email, phone, or instant messaging.

If you’ve been applying to multiple jobs, it’s time to use a job tracker. Without it, you’ll inevitably miss out on a few important considerations while job searching. The best thing about these trackers is that you can personalize them. Get the best ideas from each one, then use the app you’re most comfortable with.

Are you looking for other resources to help you in your job search? You might also want to bookmark some job interview tips. Interviewing can also be a stressful part of a job hunt. But with preparation, you can avoid common mistakes in job interviews.

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6 Free Job Tracking Templates to Organize Your Job Search


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