5 best Strategy and Settlement game deals to watch out for 

2022 is winding out to be quite a year for gamers, as Steam Winter Sale is live, along with Xbox End of Year Countdown Sales and Sony PlayStation’s Winter Holiday Sales. The 2022 edition of Steam Winter Sale features superb discounts on some of our favorite titles.

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Users can simply login to their respective Steam accounts and enjoy heavy discounts on various games. That said, many other discounted deals on digital accessories, goodies, gaming stickers, and more are up for grabs.

This feature handpicks some of the best strategy and city-builder titles available at a heavily discounted offer at Steam Winter Sale 2022.

Note: This article only displays the offers available in India and also reflects the writer’s personal game choices

Top 5 Strategy and Settlement games available for heavy discount at Steam Winter Sale 2022

1) Anno 1800 (67% off)

  • Original price: Rs 2999
  • Discount offer: Rs 990

Anno 1800 is among the richest and grandest city-builder cum real-time strategy titles. Players are thrown back into the industrial age across a beautifully designed world map.

Everything from navigation and expedition to in-depth detailing of roads, buildings, and houses makes Anno 1800 an addictive city-building title.

2) Civilization VI (90%)

  • Original Price: Rs 2499
  • Discount Offer: Rs 249

Civilization VI is the latest entrant in the legendary Sid Meir’s Civilization series famous for its turn-based strategy and 4x gameplay. Like previous titles, Civilization VI is about evolving a society from scratch and transforming it into the grandest of all civilizations by surviving the tests of time.

However, in a much more in-depth manner than ever before. The 2022 Steam Winter Sale is a great opportunity to grab one of the best-ever 4X strategy titles at a whopping 90% discount.

3) Age of Empires IV Anniversary Edition (40% off)

  • Original Price: Rs 1299
  • Discount Offer: Rs 779

Age of Empire IV is the perfect introduction of the classic RTS genre to a new generation of strategy game players. While for veterans who have been playing strategy games for years, Age of Empire IV is a rich goldmine of exhilarating historical campaigns.

4) Total War Warhammer II (66% off)

  • Original Price: Rs 2699
  • Discount Offer: Rs 917

One of the most refined real-time, turn-based strategy games ever created, Total War Warhammer II is the second iteration of the Total War franchise. The game takes its colossal real-time battle mechanics and massive turn-based campaign maps into a fantastical setting.

Players can take control of a rich diversity of races, heroes, and mythical monsters. They can also expand their influence and conquer a breathtaking campaign map.

With 66% slashed off, this Steam Winter Sale is a golden opportunity to try out the legendary real-time strategy title.

5) Tropico 6 (72% off)

  • Original Price: Rs 3197
  • Discount Offer: Rs 889

Tropico 6 brings forth a unique combination of city-building and political simulation. Gamers will take on the role of ‘El Presidente’ and oversee a small group of islands. Featuring beautiful graphics and quick gameplay, Tropico 6 delivers a fun city-building experience along with some tough political challenges involving quelling rebellion and controlling the populace.

These are some of our top strategy and city-building game picks, which are up for grabs at a handsome discount at Steam Winter Sale 2022. Make sure to capitalize on the special sale offers at Steam’s official website, available only until January 5.

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5 best Strategy and Settlement game deals to watch out for 


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